Hebrew newspaper: Netanyahu´s immunity will be discussed next week

The Hebrew newspaper "Israel Hume" suggested today, Sunday, that the immunity request submitted by Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, to the Speaker of the Knesset Polly Edelstein, be discussed next week.

According to the newspaper, it is estimated that the discussion will not be held this week due to Edelstein's preoccupation with the International Holocaust Conference to be held in Jerusalem on Wednesday and Thursday, which will be attended by leaders of a number of countries.

She noted that the Blue-White party threatened that if the issue is not discussed next week, it will intend to start moving with steps to remove Edelstein from his position and elect Meir Cohen from the party to take over the Knesset.

The party is demanding a Knesset session to approve the creation of a committee to discuss Netanyahu's immunity, as Blue and White seeks to prevent him (meaning Netanyahu) from obtaining it.

The opposition appears to have a large majority to drop Netanyahu's request, and is therefore actively seeking to deny him immunity, while Netanyahu is considering withdrawing his request, according to Likud sources.


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