Dozens of injuries during the dispersal of a demonstration in Iraq

A spokesman for the Iraqi police said today, Monday, that 60 of its members were wounded by demonstrators using stones against security forces in Al-Hoora Street in the city of Kut, Wasit Province, 170 km / southeast of Baghdad.

"Wasit police forces used the utmost restraint to prevent a drop of blood from both sides, and they used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators in Al-Houra Street in the center of Kut city, but 60 police officers were wounded," Major Hussein Al-Saray, director of Wasit Police Command media said in a press statement. Different, mostly minor, as protesters used stones to throw police. "

He added that all the injured were discharged from hospital after receiving treatment.

Witnesses said earlier today, Monday, to German News Agency (dpa) that about 40 demonstrators and security forces were injured after clashes between them in the streets of the city of Kut.

This comes in the context of the demonstrations in Iraq since last October, which were accompanied by acts of excessive violence, using live bullets and tear gas to demand political reform and solve economic problems.


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