The National Committee for Follow-up with the International Criminal decided to open offices in the governorates

The National Committee to follow the move in the International Criminal Court decided to open branch offices in all governorates of the country, to facilitate the citizens to submit data and complaints against violations of the occupation, and prepare files

To bring her to court.

The Secretary of the Revolutionary Council of the Fatah Movement, Majed Al-Fityani, today, Sunday, in an interview with the official Voice of Palestine radio, stressed the need to start a true partnership that includes all forces, factions and leaders of the national and societal action to address all violations of the settlement occupation.

Al-Fitiani called for the necessity of moving at the media levels to increase the media space to raise the awareness of citizens of the means and methods of confronting the arrogant and popular occupation by expanding the movement of popular activities in all Palestinian geography.


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