The occupation drowns 1000 acres in eastern Gaza

The Israeli occupation authorities opened, on Saturday, dams gathering rain water east of Al-Shujaeya neighborhood east of Gaza City, which led to the drowning of hundreds of agricultural crops.

The Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza said in a press statement: The Israeli occupation forces deliberately opened dams that collect rain water on farmers' lands east of Shujaiya, which led to the drowning of about 1000 dunums of agricultural crops planted with field crops such as barley, wheat, bug and other crops such as cabbage , Venus, and peas.

The occupation authorities opened their water last Sunday, which led to the drowning of nearly 1,000 dunums of agricultural land, most of which are open crops, which are barley, wheat, vegetables, and paper crops according to agricultural relief.

Relief stated in a report that its field crews, through a preliminary evaluation of farmers ’losses, observed that“ a large part of the land has been prepared and prepared for the next agricultural season, and that huge losses have been caused to farmers, where some of them have been totally destroyed and cultivated, especially farmers of field crops (peasant) Wheat, barley, vegetables, leaf crops and their irrigation networks, as well as the preparatory costs of the land from tillage and other agricultural operations, and the other part, their losses were limited only to irrigation and tillage networks.

Relief indicated that the initial evaluation, through interviews with random samples from farmers located in the region, showed that there are huge losses in the region and among farmers, as it was estimated at a value of $ 300 as a minimum per dunum distributed between cultivated crops, irrigation networks, plowing of land, medicines and agricultural equipment.

According to the relief, the total losses were initially approximately 300,000 US dollars for the estimated area of ​​1,000 agricultural dunums.


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