Al-Khodri: The production capacity of factories in Gaza is only 20% due to the blockade

Deputy Jamal Al-Khudari confirmed that the average annual production in Gaza's factories decreased to 20% of the natural productive capacity, for several reasons resulting from the Israeli blockade, and the closure of all Gaza Strip's commercial crossings, except One crossing Kerem Abu Salem (partially open).

Al-Khudari indicated, in a press statement, on Friday, that the occupation continues to operate a system of prohibited lists for goods, which targets the raw materials needed for industry (under the pretext of dual use of these materials), which has paralyzed most factories that depend on these raw materials.

He stressed the continuation of placing great restrictions on the export process, which contributed to reducing the production process of the industrial sector to a large degree, and raising the number of unemployed workers to about a quarter of a million workers.

Al-Khudari indicated that during the thirteen years of the siege, and the three devastating wars, there was no purchasing power for 85% of the population of the Strip, as the average daily per capita income fell to $ 2.

Al-Khudari said: "The blockade directly targeted the economy, the most influential nerve of factories and the production process." Once again, it was stressed that it is practically necessary to lift the blockade completely, by opening all crossings without exception, and abolishing the entire system of preventing entry of goods and raw materials needed for industries, and allowing Freedom of movement for goods and individuals, and lifting all restrictions on exports, in addition to opening the safe passage linking Gaza with the West Bank.

Al-Khudari called on donors to start supporting projects to employ workers, in addition to providing relief to vital health and education sectors, services and infrastructure, saying: "Our legitimate right to live freely and safely and establish our Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and this right works the occupation day and night so that we do not reach it."


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