Houses drowned in Gaza neighborhoods due to heavy rains

Dozens of homes in the Gaza Strip were hit by torrential rains that fell the night before last, and at dawn on Friday, in the Jabalia (northern Gaza) and Saftawi areas, north of Gaza City.

The severe rain caused the sinking of about 12 houses in the Al-Saftawi area, and also led to a sewage overflow inside the houses, while the civil defense crews evacuated some families, due to being flooded with water.

Lt. Col. Raed Al-Dahshan, Director of Operations Department of the Civil Defense Authority, in the Gaza Strip, said that the civil defense crews evacuated some of the residents by small boats in the middle of Jabalia camp.

Al-Dahshan said that a limited area, in the middle of Jabalia camp, was exposed to a large gathering of rain water, due to the high level of a pool to collect water in the area.

He pointed out that the crews had removed the collected rainwater from the vicinity of "Al Baraka" and a number of houses in its vicinity, noting that the conditions in general are "normal and controlled."

A deep depression has hit the area for several days; it has caused flooding, drowned homes in many areas, and is expected to subside with evening hours.


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