The European Union calls on Israel to comply with international law and end settlement activity in the occupied territories

The European Union called on the occupation government to comply fully with international law and end all settlement activities in the occupied territories.

The European Union called in a press statement today, Thursday, to stop and prevent settler violence against Palestinian civilians and their property.

The Union renewed its position that it would not recognize any changes that occurred before the 1967 borders, including with regard to Jerusalem, other than those agreed upon by the two parties.

He stressed that he will continue to support the resumption of a meaningful process toward a two-state solution, which is a realistic and viable way to achieve the legitimate aspirations of both peoples.

On January 5 and January 6, the occupation authorities agreed to build about 2000 settlement units in settlements in the occupied West Bank, including retroactively approving existing structures, some of which were built on private Palestinian land.


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