Poll: 64% of citizens of 32 countries do not trust Trump´s policy

An opinion poll conducted by the American Pew Center for Measuring Opinion in 32 countries revealed that a large majority of the citizens of these countries do not trust the moves taken by US President Donald Trump on the level of foreign policy.

The results published today, Wednesday, showed that the US President enjoys the confidence of only 29% of the citizens of these countries, compared to 64% who do not trust that Trump is behaving in a correct manner regarding foreign issues.

The poll, conducted between May and October last, included more than 30,000 people. The poll was about asking these people what they think about Trump's performance and four other foreign policy leaders, who are German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French leaders Emmanuel. Macron, the Russian Vladimir Putin, the Chinese Chi Jinping.

The best results came from Merkel, who won the confidence of 46% of those surveyed regarding her foreign policy, compared to only 29% who expressed their lack of confidence in her policy.

Macron won 41% confidence, compared to 36% who did not trust him, and Che trusted 28% of those polled, compared to 43% who expressed their lack of confidence in his policy.

33% of those polled voted for Putin's foreign policy, compared to 57% who said they had no confidence in him.

A poll was conducted in the first half of last year and ended with similar results.

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