Democrats are demanding more information about Trump´s decision to kill Soleimani

Democrat leaders demanded more information about US President Donald Trump's decision to assassinate the most prominent Iranian general, Qasim Soleimani, last week.

It is noteworthy that Trump's surprising decision to kill Soleimani - one of the most important personalities in the Middle East - created a loud boom in the rest of the world and pushed foreign policy toward the debate about the upcoming trial on his isolation.

In a letter to Trump on Monday, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Shamer and Senator Robert Mendez said that Trump has "no justification" in determining the rationale behind the administration's killing.

"It is extremely important that the National Security Council and the American people share matters of this importance at the appropriate time," the two senators said in the message today.

Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the House of Representatives Democrats, said yesterday evening Sunday that the House will introduce legislation this week to limit the president's ability to carry out military actions against Iran without the approval of Congress.

Pelosi described the attack as a "provocative and disproportionate military airstrike and that it" endangers the lives of the military, diplomats and others as a result of the risk of a dangerous escalation of tensions with Iran. "

However, Trump has been highly criticized in a series of his tweets today by Democrats for their focus on isolating him through his trial in the Senate while "we have very many important matters ahead of us."


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