Facebook attracts users with new technologies

Specialized sites for technical affairs, reported that "Facebook" seeks to introduce new features in its application to attract the largest number of users.

According to "Bloomberg", "Facebook" is trying to develop the Watch service that is currently in its application, and to provide this service with music videos, and has already begun testing these technologies for users of its application in India and Thailand.

To this end, Facebook is currently negotiating with the largest music production companies, such as "Universal Music", "Sony Music", and "Warner Music Group".

With the introduction of the new features, Facebook users will be able to download songs and music to the backgrounds of the videos they publish in the application, which will make those videos more attractive to those who watch them through the Watch service. Watch users will also be able to watch clips of the most famous songs from the service directly.

Experts believe that "Facebook" seeks through this step to compete with "YouTube" and make its online platform a place to search and watch videos.

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