Tesla 3 low price

 The American company Tesla reduced the price of its "Model 3" car it produces in its new factory in Shanghai, by 9 percent as part of its efforts to attract buyers in China, which is the largest market for electric cars in the world.

The initial price of the car fell from 355,800 yuan to 323,800 yuan ($ 46,500), according to Tesla's website, according to Bloomberg News.

"The new price is close to the price of some electric car models that are produced locally in China, such as the" B7 "produced by Shi Ping Motor Company, and the price starts from 240 thousand yuan.

Tesla, based in the US state of California, said it will start offering the new car to the Chinese market from January 7.

"The price cut reflects Tesla's confidence in controlling the cost and its intention to expand its market share quickly," Yali Chang, director of the Shanghai-based Auto Foresight Economic Consultancy Corporation, was quoted as saying.

"Bloomberg" quoted Song Gang, director of manufacturing at the Tesla plant in Shanghai, as saying that the company assembles more than 1,000 cars at its factory in China every week, and plans to double that number later in the year.

Elon Musk, Tesla's president, had previously said that the new plant was aiming at a later stage to produce 3,000 cars per week.


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