The strangest crimes in America in 2019

Crimes happen on a daily basis all over the world, and in the United States in particular, but some of them are surprising enough that you might get rid of you while you are reading about them. From dancing with lions to chases with police with truck games, here are the strangest crimes in America in 2019, according to Fox News:

A man in reindeer shoes tries to steal a woman's wheelchair

Austin Shorbot, 26, was arrested in December after being spotted by surveillance cameras trying to steal a woman's wheelchair on a train in Phoenix, Arizona, while he was wearing reindeer shoes.

Some of the train passengers managed to save the woman, and Shorbot was arrested after thousands shared his picture on the Internet, and Phoenix Police said he was still wearing the same shoe when he was arrested.

A bank thief gives the cashier a note with his name and address on it

Michael Harrell, 54, was arrested in August after he ordered a bank clerk in Cleveland to hand him the money over using a paper bearing his name and address. Reports indicated that the thief wrote his request on the back of a document for the Ohio Motorcycle Office, bearing his name and address, and that the cashier referred to him in his name before handing the money over, then contacted the police who arrested the thief a few days later.

A woman dances in front of a lion in the zoo

In November, a woman dancing in front of a lion was arrested in the Bronx Zoo in New York, in an attempt to provoke him, and then mocked the "Instagram" of the police who chased her on charges of criminally assaulting two fences of a lion and a giraffe in the zoo.

Mia Autry, 32, made a fame on social media, after a video clip spread to her in September, dancing a few meters away from an African lion staring with amazement, after she climbed the safety fence separating him from garden visitors.

A man requests a job in a store he stole

A man who applied for a job at a sporting goods store in Wyoming was arrested on the same day he stole items twice in April.

The unidentified man, 36, bought several items from the store and did not pay for some of them, including sunglasses, then returned after 3 hours to seek a job, and allegedly left the store afterwards with two additional sunglasses that he did not pay for.

The police later arrested him on suspicion, and found the stolen items.

Police are chasing a woman driving an automatic truck game for children

South Carolina police arrested a woman in Walhalla in June, on charges of public drunkenness, after she was seen driving a toy truck for children under the influence of alcohol, near her home.

Police said that she had not been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol for Megan Holman, 25, because she was driving a toy and not a car, and indicated that the woman said she was driving a children's truck to hunt animals that exhume garbage, when asked to explain the situation.

Women steal a stroller from a store, and one of them forgets her baby

In August, 3 women were arrested after they stole a stroller from a store in New Jersey, and one of them returned to take the child she had forgotten there.

The police explained that two of them had distracted the employee at the store, while the third had stolen the cart, and the three women left the store before one of them returned because she forgot her child.


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