20 people killed in forest fires in Australia

The death toll from forest fires in Australia rose to twenty today, Friday, as the authorities declared a state of emergency, and issued orders to evacuate thousands of tourists before conditions worsened over the next two days.

Bloomberg News reported that ten other people died this week due to the fires in New South Wales and Victoria, which isolated residential areas and destroyed hundreds of homes, and terrified the world with pictures of vacationers who had to take to the beaches to save their lives.

"There is an opportunity to go out until midnight, and we urge that this opportunity be seized," Bloomberg quoted Gladys Berggillian, governor of New South Wales, as saying in a press statement.

"Please, do not stay in the area unless you are absolutely obligated to do so," she added.

Mass evacuations continue today across the lower half of Australia's eastern coast due to devastating forest fires, ahead of possible catastrophic conditions in the coming days.

Orders were issued to evacuate more than 6 cities in New South Wales and Victoria, including famous tourist areas and national parks, causing massive traffic queues and a lack of fuel and supplies.

Traffic has stopped in some areas due to the flight of thousands from the South Coast (South Coast) area of ​​New South Wales, according to police, who escorted 100 cars at one time after midnight.

In Victoria, the tragic forest fires continue to widen across the northeast. The Australian navy evacuated about 1,000 people using ships Friday morning.

In a press conference on Friday, Daniel Andrews, Prime Minister of Victoria State, confirmed that the number of missing persons in Victoria had increased to 28.


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