A restaurant loses 190 million dollars because of a rat.

Beijing _ Agencies

A woman who was eating at a Chinese restaurant was surprised by the presence of a dead rat embryo, which caused the restaurant to have a huge loss of about 190 million dollars.

The market value of the restaurant declined immediately after the spread of the news, and the cafeteria failed to reach an agreement with the woman whose husband refused to settle and waive before his pregnant wife obtained a thorough examination.

The image of the dead rat quickly spread to social media in China, and was met with great outrage.

The restaurant was temporarily suspended because of the incident.

The restaurant offered a settlement to the woman for approximately $700 in exchange for the end of the case.

The husband said that one of the workers at the restaurant offered him 20,000 yuan in return for aborting the foetus if he was worried about his health.


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