160 cases of measles in Gaza

Mohamed Abu Salamieh, Director General of Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza, said today, Saturday, that 160 cases of measles were recorded in the Strip.

Abu Salamiyah said in statements to a local radio in Gaza, that among the cases that were monitored, a doctor and 25 nurses. Noting that this number caused a warning to the need to take additional measures to address this infectious disease.

He indicated that tomorrow, Sunday, a vaccination campaign for children will be launched in all hospitals from the age of (6 months to a year). Indicating that the vaccination effectiveness rate reaches 95%, and the remaining missing percentage is for immunocompromised children and the elderly.

"The symptoms of measles are similar to the common cold, but it comes with a rash," he said. Call any citizen who has these symptoms to the nearest health center so that the rest of the family can be vaccinated.


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