America is looking to implement a new technology for remote identification of the identity of drones

 US officials have revealed a new technology that allows the possibility of identification of drones remotely via an electronic board attached to the plane, with the aim of strengthening air safety measures.

The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States stated that it made a proposal to apply this technology, and that this idea is on the table for a final decision to be issued in this regard within sixty days.

Officials emphasized that the new technology will help monitor potential risks and allow security officials to intervene to prevent them from occurring.

And the tech-tech "Tech Explorer" website quoted Ilan Cao, the US Department of Transportation official, as saying: "Remote identification of drones will enhance safety and security measures by allowing the Federal Aviation Administration, law enforcement and federal security services, to identify the aircraft. March while flying in areas under its jurisdiction. "

The US Federal Aviation Administration stated that drones have become one of the fastest growing sectors in the transportation field, with an estimated 1.5 million aircraft registered in them, in addition to 160,000 pilots controlling aircraft remotely.

The new technology will include all private drones weighing at least 250 grams.


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