The founder of Amazon is still the richest man in the world

Jeff Bezos, founder of the American online shopping website "Amazon", maintained his position as the richest man in the world, on the list of US "Bloomberg" agency.

The agency said in a report, "Bezos' fortune decreased $ 9 billion, because he paid the most expensive divorce settlement in history to his ex-wife McKinsey, but he managed to hold first place in the list of 500 Bloomberg billionaires at the end of 2019, after the shares of his company achieved Amazon jumped last Thursday, thanks to record sales during the holiday season.

And Amazon said that it shipped billions of products, in addition to tens of millions of its smart devices, including the amplifier "Echo Dot", which made Jeff Bezos keep his throne on the list, with a fortune amounting to 116 billion dollars.

Bezos outperformed Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who came second on the list, with an estimated wealth of $ 113 billion.

Jeff Bezos paid $ 38 billion (£ 29 billion) to settle his divorce from his wife, McKinsey, after a 26-year marriage.

With this, McKenzie Bezos, 49, became the fourth richest woman in the world who had promised to donate half of her divorce settlement for charity.

Mackenzie Bezos announced her "massive donation" via a blog on a website created by "The Giving Pledge", an organization founded by businessman Warren Buffett and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, which encourages the wealthy to devote more than half of their wealth to charitable causes.

It is noteworthy that before the settlement of Jeff Bezos was divorced, there was a Russian billionaire, Dmitriy Rybolovlev, who paid his divorcee "Elena" more than $ 4.5 billion.


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