Al-Shobaki: “I can no longer tolerate the difficult conditions of imprisonment”

The elderly prisoner, Fouad Al-Shobaki, 80, confirmed that he "could no longer tolerate the health condition he is living under the difficult conditions of imprisonment."

This came during the visit of the lawyer of the Prisoners Affairs Authority to the prisoner Al-Shobaki, who indicated that he had lived the most difficult days of his life during the past two weeks, after he underwent surgery in his eyes, which led to limiting his movement, and his total dependence on his fellow prisoners in meeting his daily needs, which did not have an impact Bad for his psychological condition.

The Occupation Court issued a decision, on the 20th of last November, rejecting the request to reconsider the release of Al-Shobaki, who was submitted by the authority, claiming "the seriousness of his case and his lack of remorse", knowing that she had refused to release him in the "two-thirds of the court" period. The year 2017.

It is noteworthy that the prisoner Fouad Al-Shobaki, from Gaza, is the oldest prisoner, and he was arrested by the occupation authorities in 2006, and sentenced to 17 years' imprisonment, and he suffers from cancer and from several diseases of the heart, stomach and eyes.


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