Ha´aretz: promoting the construction of 2,000 settlement units in the West Bank and Jerusalem

The Hebrew newspaper Ha'aretz reported Sunday morning that the Civil Administration will promote the construction of at least 2,000 settlement units in West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements this week.

According to the site, the Supreme Council for Planning will discuss the details of this plan, as well as examining the construction of housing units "illegally" - as it says - in the outpost adjacent to the Talmon settlement near Ramallah.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the occupation, announced a few days ago that he would work to build 3000 settlement units in the West Bank. But the committee's agenda indicates that the number of units will be less.

The plan includes promoting the construction of 147 units in the Mitzpe Jericho settlement in the Jordan Valley, and the construction of 100 housing units in the Neve Tsof settlement near Ein Popin, near Ramallah, which witnessed the killing of the settlement last August, in addition to 72 units in Ariel, and 107 in Alon Moreh , 534 and 12 commercial units in the Shilo settlement, as well as units in the settlements of Givat Ze'ev, Ma'aleh Adumim, Ma'aleh Mishmish, Kochav Yaakov, and the Emmanuel industrial zone.


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