Notre Dame Cathedral does not hold Christmas Mass for the first time in 200 years

The Paris Archdiocese announced that at this Christmas / Christmas / Mass will not be held at Notre Dame Cathedral, for the first time in more than two hundred years.

A fire broke out in the famous cathedral in the French capital eight months ago, which completely destroyed its roof.

The diocese added that worshipers can attend the mass at Saint-Germain-Luceroa Church near the Louvre or Saint-Sulpice Church near Luxembourg gardens.

A spokeswoman for the diocese told Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) that the Christmas Mass was held in Notre Dame every year since 1803, even during the German occupation of Paris in World War II.

The scientist was appalling with the fires in Notre Dame, located in the heart of Paris, on the Ile de la Cite (City Island) on April 15. French President Emmanuel Macron said that the roof would be restored by 2024.

Work is still underway to stabilize the building and prevent it from collapsing, according to the Le Parisien newspaper. It must still be cleaned. Tons of lead used to build the roof melted during the fire and contaminated the rest of the building.

Notre Dame usually attracts tens of thousands of worshipers and tourists annually.


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