Pompeo reiterates Washington´s assertion of "legitimacy of settlement" in the occupied West Bank

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a long interview with him, the Evangelical Evangelical Radio Broadcasting "CSN" on Sunday / December 22, 2019, that his decision announced on November 18, The legalization of settlements and Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank was the right decision.


"Many of our listeners have heard the announcement of change (in your policy) regarding Israeli settlement. This turning point points in the face of Specifying that the United States declares that the Israeli settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories are not necessarily illegal. This is the main departure from international law, which generally stood with the Palestinian people on this issue. We have summarized, the importance of this change for those who may not be Familiar with Palm Theme. "

Pompeo answered: "Yes, a few weeks ago, on November 18 (2019), the State Department announced a reversal of the Obama administration's (Barack) administration's approach to Israeli settlements. You know the long history, and we know what subsequent administrations of the former president's administration have done. Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) as well, and so we wanted to take a fresh look at this. We saw that (former John) Kerry, my predecessor, was on his way to make a set of decisions about that, and we wanted to reconsider that. It took us a while to work on that, but in the end, after studying all aspects of the discussion, we agree with President Reagan The establishment of Israeli civilian settlements in the West Bank does not contradict itself with international law limit .. We believe that this is really important on multiple fronts.

On a question about "the specific applications of this change in Israeli settlement policy, how can this affect Israel, especially those who live in settlements in these disputed areas?" Pompeo answered, "Well, more importantly, Israeli courts have dealt with an idea." It is legal and what is illegal for a very long time, and I concluded that it is not necessary for the problem to be solved from the outside, and that does not (international intervention) require. "

"This is the statement I made, which is that settlement does not necessarily contradict itself, with international law based on facts and the unique history of this precious land. Thus, those who live there will see that the position of the United States is now different."

"We are aware that Israeli courts have ruled that some settlements are illegal - they have concluded that others were not - and that international law does not require that every settlement be considered illegal under international law. This is important, because we believe that this will create space In the end, it will not be the courts and the mandates of international organizations that lead this correct result. It will be a political solution between the two parties, he will get the result that I know Israel deserves very much .. Thus, through the United States doing this, by taking This position, we believe, creates the tourism field C, which increases the possibility of a decision and a political solution to this challenge. "

In response to a question about Netanyahu's praise for this change, and his consideration that this policy "reflects a historical fact: that the Jewish people are not foreign colonists in Judea and Samaria, and we call the Jews because we are a people of Judea" Pompeo answered, "Well, the decision we made is, as the president said," The ministers, based on the facts, reality, history and conditions that are presented in this land. As a Christian, I appreciate the importance of this special place, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. "

He added, "Every decision taken by the United States regarding Israel is based on the same set of facts, history and circumstances, whether the recognition of Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, or the decision we made regarding the status of the Golan Heights, and the executive order issued last week regarding - or this week, Excuse me - anti-Semitism, or this issue regarding the international status of settlements. Each of these decisions is an analysis of the reality, the importance of this place, and what the facts require on the ground ... President Trump has been incredibly clear in our foreign policy about the lack of foreign policy Related to desires and not Hopes, there is even a realistic view, and our support for Israel reflects this strongly. "

On how the Palestinian-Israeli conflict can be resolved, Pompeo said: "The hard truth is that there will be no judicial solution to this conflict, and discussions about who is right and who is wrong in international law will not get peace. It is a complex political problem that can only be solved. We and the United States are committed to helping facilitate this, and we will do everything we can, and we are encouraging Israelis and Palestinians to work together. The end result will be an adequate and acceptable security situation for Israel, which provides this level of security (for Israel) to make a decision. In the long run, the same is true For the Palestinians, there must be the results of the benefit of the Palestinians. "

"We have seen the first part of this administration's proposal about a brighter future and an economic future for people who live in the West Bank. We hope we can move forward. We hope that the Israelis and the Palestinians start these talks seriously, and we look forward to the moment when we reach To the final solution that I know. "

The US Secretary of State expressed his disapproval of what was stated by the President of the European Union Foreign Policy Federica Mogherini, who said that the European Union policy on Israeli settlements is clear and remains the same, and that "all settlement activities are illegal under international law and that they (the settlements) undermine the validity of the two. The two states and the prospect of lasting peace, "stressing two points:" First, the legal analysis conducted by the European Union we think is wrong. We think they have an inappropriate analysis of the international law surrounding this issue. Likewise, the technical legal matter ... Mrs. Mogherini is wrong. " So we do our best to show them the legal and Tvahmatna our theory and why we are convinced that these settlements under international law is not in itself illegal. So we are working on this element as well. "

Secondly, "on another level, and perhaps at the level that will lead to the right result, and that is why we do so ... this must be resolved through political means, and we hope from all countries, including the European Union member states and other countries around the world." To recognize the fundamental rights that the Israeli people should enjoy in this land, in this space. There are real security needs. The threat posed by anti-Semitism is increasing, and we hope that every state will realize this and press to end this conflict in a constructive way, in order to finally reach peace. ” .

Pompeo noted that "Only this week there was an executive order signed by the President, aimed directly at stopping the boycott and the BDS movement from Israel, which takes place on our campus, and throughout America that harms the right of the people of Israel, and often has implications Anti-Semitism as well. "

It is reported that US Secretary of State Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pines are considered "hard-line evangelicals" and believe that Israel must control all of Palestine to ensure the return of Jesus, peace be upon him, and give the Jews the option to convert to Christianity or the fire in Hell, as they believe.


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