The occupation deliberately inflicts workers without warning them

The Hebrew newspaper Haaretz published today, Monday, a report on the injury of Palestinian workers with bullets from the occupation army, when they tried to enter the areas under the control of the Israeli occupation in search of work.

According to the newspaper, it was monitored and recorded 20 injuries of workers who tried to bypass the security fence and the separation wall during the past two months in order to work inside, because they did not obtain "legal permits."

The IDF spokesperson said that the soldiers were following instructions that provide a warning in the air to warn, at any attempt to "infiltrate", but a number of workers who were injured and spoke to the newspaper denied these reports, and confirmed that they were subjected to sudden and direct fire, and erected Occupation ambushes them.

In their interview with the newspaper, the injured workers indicated that the soldiers deliberately shot them in the lower body with live bullets.

The newspaper said that the majority of workers who try to "infiltrate" to work at home are residents of the northern West Bank and work in the construction field.

Israeli estimates indicate that approximately 30,000 Palestinians work daily without work permits, and that these statistics are known to the security services and the army for a long time.

The newspaper pointed out that the number of injuries is mainly due to rumors that appeared last September that the occupation decided to provide facilities to the Palestinians indirectly, and to open crossing areas at the separation fence without any permits, and a video appeared on YouTube that harvested 5,000 views, showing people They “sneak” from the vicinity of Qaffin village in Tulkarm, with a voice message stating that the Israeli army removed the gates and removed its forces from there to allow workers to enter without permits.

According to unidentified sources, "The occupation army wanted to deter the Palestinians from infiltrating the fence in the wake of the rumors," and since then there has been an increase in the number of casualties.

An Israeli security source said, "These areas are from which weapons and drugs are smuggled, and that great damage is caused to the fence at a cost of millions of shekels."

And the Israeli human rights organization, B'Tselem, criticized the army’s actions, saying that people who do not endanger the soldiers are being shot, this time through pre-equipped ambushes.


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