Martyrs, injured and arrests .. 2019 is the most difficult year for Palestinian children

Palestinian children are still subject to constant attacks, arrests and crimes by the "Israeli" occupation, amid warnings of the increasing violations against children without respecting human rights and humanitarian laws.

The year 2019 witnessed hundreds of violations and live testimonies against Palestinian children documented by governmental and human rights institutions specializing in the affairs of prisoners, describing this year as the "harsh year for the children of Palestine", while the world celebrated the 30th anniversary of the International Children's Day last November.

"Psychological and physical torture"

Abdel Nasser Farwana said, He said, that about 220 Palestinian children are lying behind bars of the occupation spread over the Mughdu and Ofer camps, stressing that they are living in difficult and harsh conditions of detention by the occupation.

Ferwana added that the occupation authorities have arrested about (850 children) since the beginning of 2019, indicating that Palestinian children in the occupation prisons are subject to continuous violations using psychological and physical torture.

"Systematic arrests"

He pointed out that the so-called prison administration deprives detained children of their most basic rights (the right to education - the right to education - the right to communicate with parents) and other rights.

He continued in his speech: "We are talking about arrests that are not exceptional, but systematic and continuous arrests and escalating numbers, and this comes within the framework of a deliberate policy by the occupation targeting Palestinian childhood in general."

Farwana stressed that action must be taken at all international, regional and local levels, and that international and legal institutions should bear their responsibility towards prisoners in the occupation prisons, especially children and minors.

He called for documenting the occupation's crimes and exposing it on the media, political, and human rights, noting that the occupation is expanding daily violations by following the policy of detention, especially against children in occupied Jerusalem.

"Deprivation and slow killing"

For his part, Tariq Shallouf, a spokesman for the "Jerusalem Dialogue" Foundation, said that the prison administration deprives the families of the captured children of inserting blankets, winter clothes and heating devices, confirming that the occupation aims to slowly kill the prisoners before the eyes of the world.

Shallouf said that there are systematic attempts to kill by the occupation against the captured children, by following the policy of medical negligence, postponing operations and conducting the necessary medical examinations.

Diseases and Medical Neglect

And he added: "The occupation's policies lead to the spread of diseases in the bodies of prisoners, especially children. Many prisoners were martyred, including Maysara Abu Hamidiya, Khaled Baroud, Bassam Al-Sayeh and Sami Abu Diyak."

Shallouf noted that there are children inside the occupation camps suffering from arthritis, not to mention cases of people with special needs, and no artificial limbs are available to them within the policy of deliberate medical neglect.

Violence during interrogation and arrest

Shallouf referred to the methods of violence used by the occupation during the arrest and interrogation of children in the prisons of prisons.

Preparing Child Martyrs

In a related context, the International Child Defense Movement has documented the martyrdom of (2112) children from the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, which started in 2000 until last March, after they were directly targeted by the occupation. According to its latest statistic.

It also documented (700) cases of Palestinian children in the "Israeli" occupation courts, stressing that not all children are provided with fair courts in accordance with what is provided for in international and humanitarian law.

Gaza Martyrs

According to the statistics of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the number of child martyrs has reached (27) children since the beginning of 2019, including (23) children in the Gaza Strip, especially those participating in the return marches and breaking the siege in the eastern Gaza Strip.

Since the beginning of the return march, the occupation forces have killed (46) children and wounded (3691) others, during the return marches in the Gaza Strip, while in the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, they killed 8 children, including 5 members of the "Al-Sawarka" family, after bombing their house in Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip. .

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 20 November 1989, contains 54 articles that guarantee all the rights of children (survival and health rights, development and education rights, participation rights, protection rights, general rights).

And the occupation, "Israeli", is responsible for violating the rights of the Palestinian child, as it does not establish weight and value for all international human rights conventions and covenants, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in which it did not abide by its obligations towards human rights and fundamental freedoms.


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