The occupation bombards targets in Gaza and damages a number of homes of citizens

Israeli warplanes launched a series of raids on two targets in northwest Gaza City early Thursday, causing damage to the homes of citizens.

According to our correspondent in Gaza, a reconnaissance plane bombed the perimeter of the ship's building with a single rocket, and then warplanes attacked the building, along with empty ground next to it, as well as the Badr military position of the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, which borders the area.

Our correspondent pointed out that large explosions occurred in Gaza City and the northwest, specifically after the heavy Israeli bombardment of that area. He noted that the shelling caused damage to a number of houses surrounding the area, and the Civil Defense was able to control a fire that broke out at one of the targeted sites.

He said the shelling hit targets adjacent to the Al-Mashtal Hotel, where Qatari Ambassador Mohammed al-Amadi and his delegation are staying.

This comes about two and a half hours after resistance fighters fired a rocket at the town of Sderot, which borders the Gaza Strip. The Israeli occupation claimed that the Iron Dome succeeded in intercepting it.

The IDF spokesman later said that the air force had attacked a Hamas weapons manufacturing facility. As he claimed. This is in response to the rocket launch. He blamed Hamas for any attacks from Gaza and beyond.

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