UNRWA: Fiscal deficit reduced to $90 million

Sami Mashasha, spokesman for the UNRWA, said the un-funded fiscal deficit, which recently reached $167 million, has dropped to $90 million after a determined effort to fill the deficit.

He explained in a press statement, that intensive efforts have been made during the past three weeks, where it received $77 million from more than one country, including amounts transferred by countries that froze the rest of their donations this year in light of the investigation supervised by the Office of Internal Oversight of the United Nations, which concluded To me, there is no corruption or financial abuse.

Several other States had assured UNRWA that they would provide additional funds before the end of the year to fill the deficit.

This decrease will contribute to UNRWA's continued service and payment of its workers' salaries until the end of this year, but is considered to represent the "minimum" for the agency's provision of its services.

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