5 Palestinian prisoners killed in 2019

The director of the Prisoners Studies Center, Raafat Hamdouna, said today, Monday, that the year 2019 was the hardest on the prisoners in the occupation prisons because of the martyrdom of five of them during this year.

Hamdouna said in a press statement to him that about 5 thousand prisoners live in extremely tragic and unbearable conditions inside the occupation prisons, due to the situation of jamming devices and preventing them from visits and the continuation of the policy of solitary confinement, the escalation of administrative arrests and inspections, in addition to preventing university and public secondary education and entering Books and bad food.

Hamdouna pointed out that prisons lack the minimum conditions for human life, and that the prisoners are subjected to a state of medical recklessness, pointing out that 26% of them suffer from various diseases due to conditions of detention, poor treatment and malnutrition, and 10% are afflicted with chronic diseases and need permanent medical care and surgeries. Different.

The director of the Prisoners Studies Center stated that all those arrested were subjected to psychological and physical torture, calling on international and human rights institutions to pressure the occupation authorities to adhere to the articles and provisions of the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law regarding the rights of Palestinian prisoners and prisoners.

And that the occupation continues to detain 450 Palestinians administratively, and there are 42 prisoners who remain in Damoun Prison and are committing scores of violations against them, in addition to arresting 200 children who are exposed to flagrant violations of all international laws.

Hamdouna called for ending the policy of unilateral isolation, which is the harshest type of punishment that the Israel Prison Authority’s administration uses against prisoners, calling on the media and human and human rights institutions to expose the occupation’s violations of the prisoners ’rights, and pressure him to stop them, and holding the prison administration and Israeli security authorities accountable for their responsibility. Violations and violations of international agreements and minimum human rights concepts.

He called on the official and civil authorities to make efforts on three levels, "media, legal and mass" to oppose the policies of the occupation authorities against the prisoners, stressing the need to move in accordance with the legal status to establish their legal standing and defend their rights.

Five prisoners were martyred inside the occupation prisons since the beginning of 2019, and they are: Sami Abu Dayak, Faris Baroud, Omar Awni Younis, Nassar Taqatqa and Bassam Al-Sayeh.

This brings the martyrs of the captive movement to 222 martyrs since 1967.


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