Santa Claus celebrates the annual gathering in New York

Large groups of people wore Santa Claus costumes and poured into the streets and metro stations of New York City yesterday, Saturday, to celebrate the traditions of decades of birth inherited in this city called the Big Apple. (The Big Apple).

This festive event, also known as (NYC SantaCon), started on Father Duffy Square, part of the city's famous Times Square, at about ten o'clock on Saturday night. They are non-commercial or political charitable activities that have no implication, that occur once a year in order to spread pleasure among people, according to the official website of the event.

During this year's celebration, hundreds of participants wore Santa Claus costumes and other traditional personal clothes for such occasions, and those willing to pay would pay $ 13 to collect a card to enter ceremonial sites where drinks and snacks and where many festive activities.

It is reported that (NYC SantaCon) is one of more than 300 similar events located in more than 40 countries in the world during this holiday season, according to the event's official website.


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