Condemnation. The occupation prevents The Christians of Gaza from visiting the holy sites

The Islamic Christian Authority today condemned Israel’s decision to prevent Christians in the Gaza Strip from visiting holy sites in Jerusalem and the West Bank to celebrate Christmas this year.

In a press statement, Hanna Issa, Secretary-General of the Commission, considered that the Israeli decision represented a "serious violation of the freedom of movement and worship contained in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

Issa said that Israel "violates by its actions the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 regarding the protection of the civilian population, and the first protocol attached to the Geneva Conventions regarding freedom of worship by preventing believers from reaching their places of worship with false pretexts and pretexts."

He added that according to international humanitarian law, Israel should facilitate the access of believers to places of worship.

And the occupation authorities announced yesterday, Thursday, that they will not allow Christians in the Gaza Strip to visit holy cities such as Bethlehem and Jerusalem to celebrate Christmas this year.

Israeli media reported that the decision includes the possibility for Gaza Christians to obtain permission to travel abroad, but none of them will be allowed to enter Israel and the West Bank, knowing that only about a thousand Christians live in the Gaza Strip.


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