Israeli police announce progress of suspected bribery investigation against Netanyahu´s wife

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

The Israeli police announced on Thursday that progress has been made in the investigation of the case of the company "Bezek ", known as the "file " 4000  ".

According to the Hebrew newspaper "Yediot Aharonot", the Israeli police told a court judge to hear the case, making progress with the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the investigation of the case.

The progress in the case was progressing satisfactorily for the police, but the judge said that the developments did not mean that the case would come to an end.

and  "File 4000 " is the case concerning Netanyahu providing tax facilities of about 1 billion shekels ($280 million) to the Israeli telecom company  "Bezek ", in exchange for improving his image at the site  "The Hebrew", owned by the owner of the company Shaul Alovic.


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