American "Bold" eats "banana" for $120,000

 After selling three copies of a work of art consisting of a banana finger attached to a wall with duct tape at the "Art Basel Miami" exhibition in Florida, USA for $ 120,000 for the copy, the artist ate American David Datuna is the fourth edition of the work by Italian artist Maurizio Catilan.

Datuna shared a video of "his bold behavior" on "Instagram" to share photos, and he called him "The Hungry Artist".

Datuna appears in the video, as he heads to the banana to take it off the wall that was before and devour it, surrounded by a group of stunned people.

"I love the work of (Italian artist) Mauricio Cattellan," he wrote on Instagram. "It is very delicious."

It is noteworthy that the artwork is part of the art collection of the Italian sculptor Catilan, owner of the design of the golden toilet that was stolen in Britain during an exhibition in a famous incident.

On Friday, the "Berlinin" art gallery in Florida sold three copies of "Banana" artwork for at least $ 120,000, one, which caused an uproar and controversy in the art world.

"He did not destroy the artwork. Banana is the idea," Lucian Terrace, director of relations at the "Protein Gallery" told the Miami Herald about the "hungry artist" Datuna.

According to Terras, buyers received a certificate of authenticity that gave them ownership rights to the idea, while bananas were supposed to be replaced.


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