Prisoners of Palestine: 343 thousand arrests since the intifada of the stones

The Prisoners of Palestine Studies Center reported that the detention cases of the Israeli occupation since the intifada of the stones in 1987 and until today have reached 343 thousand cases.

The Center for Human Rights said in a statement today, Sunday, that the policy of arrests adopted by the occupation and affected nearly a million Palestinians since 1948 failed to achieve its goals by subjecting the Palestinian people and deterring them from continuing to resist until the liberation of their land.

He explained that the arrests are an instrument of oppression with which the occupation faces the Palestinian people, and a means of collective punishment, and it has become an endless daily event.

He indicated that 210 thousand arrests were recorded from the beginning of the intifada until the arrival of the Palestinian Authority in mid-1994; it affected all groups and segments of Palestinian society.

And he added: "To accommodate these large numbers, the occupation opened many prisons and detention centers, most notably the Negev Desert Prison in 1988, which received tens of thousands of prisoners and witnessed the rise of a number of martyrs."

"10,000 arrests were recorded between 1994 and the outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, September 28, 2000," he added.

He noted that "97 thousand cases of detention during the years of the Al-Aqsa Intifada and up to the Al-Quds Intifada, October 2015, which witnessed about 26 thousand cases of arrest."

And the prisoners of Palestine indicated that the conditions of the prisoners during the first intifada were much worse than they are now, and the prisons lacked the minimum requirements for simple life.

He added, "There are still 26 prisoners held by the occupation forces since the first intifada, and before that they are the old prisoners who the occupation refused to release within the fourth installment of the agreement to revive negotiations between the Authority and the occupation."

The Legal Center stated that 9 prisoners (from the old) from the West Bank and 12 from the occupied West Bank 48, in addition to 5 from Jerusalem and one prisoner from the Gaza Strip.

The captive movement provided during the seven years of the stone uprising 43 martyrs, out of 222 captive martyrs who are the total martyrs of the captive movement.

The data pointed out that 23 martyrs died as a result of torture, 11 prisoners were killed as a result of deliberate medical negligence and 2 as a result of being shot directly, and 7 as a result of willful killing in cold blood after arrest.

He considered "prisoners of Palestine", that the occupation has failed to subject the Palestinian people through arrests, amid popular, official and factional embrace of the prisoners.


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