Netanyahu threatens Gaza and vows to impose sovereignty over the Jordan Valley

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened, on Sunday, to launch a large-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip if necessary and continued to fire rockets from the Strip.

Netanyahu said at a special conference in the Hebrew magazine Macor Rishon, that his government would not hesitate to launch a military operation if the rocket fire did not stop. Stressing that there will be no calm as long as this continues and the missiles did not stop completely.

"If those missiles do not stop, we will take a decision, in Gaza a few weeks ago, they received a sample of our seriousness in this case," he added.

In another context, Netanyahu said that it is time to implement Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and to organize and settle the settlement situation in the West Bank.

He pointed out that he intends to coordinate with the American administration to lead a broad path towards imposing sovereignty.

On the internal situation, Netanyahu said that a blue-white party led by Benny Gantz had not moved in the direction of enabling the formation of a national unity government. He again invited Gantz to meet with him to agree to form this government before it was too late, or to direct elections between them in order for the Israeli public to determine who wanted a prime minister.

He said that there are two scenarios that could lead to the formation of a government before Wednesday, which is either that Gantz beat Veto Yair Lapid, or Avigdor Lieberman overcomes himself, because there is no reason for more unnecessary elections.


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