37 injured in the marches of return east of Gaza

The Ministry of Health said that at least 37 people, were injured on Friday different injuries, after the occupation soldiers suppressed the marches of return in eastern Gaza, in the week of 83.

"The health" in a brief statement that among the wounded, four live bullets, and a volunteer in the Red Crescent volunteer, wounded by a rubber-coated metal bullet while working east of Khan Yunis, and ten children.

Today, the return marches were resumed after stopping for three weeks.

The High Authority for the marches of return and breaking the siege, that the marches of return is a form of popular struggle and we are led and guided, and no one has to decide for us and no one can bet on our retreat from our right.

The Commission called for participation in the marches next Friday under the slogan "Palestine unites us, Jerusalem is our capital."

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