Twitter intends to add a "commemorate" feature of dead user accounts before deleting them

The social networking site plans to add a feature to "commemorate" accounts whose owners died before deleting inactive accounts on the site.

TechCrunch noted that Twitter had reconsidered its policy of dealing with inactive accounts after receiving a lot of messages from users who wanted to find a way to "commemorate" the accounts of users who died and thus keep them before the deletion plan began. Inactive accounts intended to provide "more accurate and credible information" about Twitter.

Twitter considers that any account that the owner does not open for six months is inactive and can therefore be deleted. The policy has not yet been implemented, he said, adding that partially inactive accounts in EU countries would be deleted in accordance with local privacy protection laws in each country. At the same time, the site indicated that it will not delete any inactive accounts before it develops a way to ensure that the accounts whose owners died by doing the "commemorate" feature.

Twitter said it may extend or redefine its account handling policy to ensure that it complies with global privacy protection laws, and that the policy will not be enforced until it is widely publicized and that it has the consent of most users.

It is noteworthy that the social networking site Facebook had previously made a special "commemoration" of the accounts of the owners also died, which allows the user to identify a destination or someone who can manage his account after his death, where the account becomes a place for friends and family to meet and share memories after the departure the person.

Accounts commemorated on Facebook also have features, such as the words "In our hearts" appear next to the person's name on their profile, and based on account privacy settings, friends can share memories on the diary of commemorated accounts.


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