New application helps in financial planning for the future of the family

A new application called "Fabric" has been developed to make it easier for parents to make plans to ensure the long-term financial stability of the family.

The app aims to provide one place from which parents can sign a life insurance policy via their mobile phone and create, write a legal will within five minutes and collaborate from a life partner to organize key financial accounts and other important documents.

Parents can also coordinate with lawyers, guardians of children, beneficiaries of insurance policies, financial advisors and others.

It is noteworthy that this application first appeared in 2015 as an application for insurance services via smart phones, where the company that develops successfully raised up to $ 10 million from investors to finance its expansion, after successfully selling life insurance policies to thousands of families through the application.

Since its launch, more financial services have been added to it, to provide busy parents a better alternative to meeting insurance agents and engaging in complex discussions about corporate products. Call delegates from the insurance company if desired to get additional help from them.

TechCrunch noted that using the Fabric app allows parents to take advantage of any offers, including the option to apply for and immediately approve the document.

The application also allows you to send insurance policy data to potential beneficiaries, thus ensuring that it is not lost. The application also allows the user to write his will and record it with the possibility of sending its information to key people, including witnesses.


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