Givati ​​Commander: We are preparing for a war in Gaza

Itzik Cohen, commander of the so-called Givati ​​Brigade in the Israeli army, said on Sunday that his forces are constantly preparing to lead any war in the Gaza Strip, despite the fact that the brigade forces are working in More than one area, including the West Bank and some northern areas.

Cohen explained in an interview with the newspaper "Israel Hume" Hebrew, that in recent months there have been many cases of security tension and higher than usual, pointing out that after the assassination of Baha Abu al-Ata, leader of the Islamic Jihad, Givati ​​soldiers deployed on the border of Gaza, and a week later was attacked Targets in Syria, and other troops were deployed on the border.

According to Cohen, the military estimates that all sides are not involved in the war at the moment.

"But there is an opportunity for combat operations in Gaza or on the northern front," he said, noting that the war may be greater in Gaza, and preparedness accordingly.

"We continue to train and improve our operational capabilities, and the Givati ​​Brigade is now open, and the first to be in combat missions to achieve them fully," he said, noting that all soldiers have the ability to operate inside Gaza and have already trained on it, including new recruits.

He pointed out that the Givati ​​Brigade is currently working in different sectors and fronts, including the West Bank, but the main goal is Gaza and fighting there.

Regarding the barrier on the border, Cohen said that this is only a first line of defense on the road to combat that will take place inside the Strip if necessary.

On the operations of the Givati ​​Brigade in the West Bank, Cohen said that there are those who are trying to issue instructions to carry out attacks against the army and settlers, and we are working against them.


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