Vigil against the closure of the Education Office in Jerusalem

 National and Islamic forces in Jerusalem held a protest today against the closure of the Education Office in Jerusalem, inside the Old City / Islamic Orphanage, and the arrest of Mr. Samir Jibril. Teachers, principals, students, representatives of national and Islamic forces and civil society institutions in Jerusalem.

Participants in the sit-in called by various Jerusalem institutions, the General Union of Palestinian Teachers, and the Director of Education, slogans affirming the right to education and condemning the arbitrary occupation measures, which violate the right to education and freedoms. And demanding the reopening of the Office of the Directorate of Education in Jerusalem because the closure affects and affects more than 50 Palestinian schools in the city where the education receives about 100,000 students.

The institutions warned of the danger of targeting educational institutions in Jerusalem by the occupation and the remaining media and health institutions, stressing the need for international organizations and the international community to pressure the occupation to reopen these old institutions, which were recently closed.

During the sit-in, several speeches, including a speech by activist Rasim Obeidat, said: "The occupation attacks and closes official institutions such as the Office of Education, which works under the umbrella of the Jordanian Islamic Endowments in Jerusalem, the closure targets the educational process as a prelude to cancel the Palestinian curriculum and replace the Israeli curriculum." .

He added: "The targeting in this way violates the agreements signed with the Jordanian government, which is affiliated to the Islamic Endowments Department in Jerusalem, which under the agreements are the sponsors and management of Islamic and Christian holy sites and schools and health and educational institutions."

Obeidat blamed the occupation for this serious harm and push for an escalation in the city and its institutions, linking Obeidat to the institutions and endowments in Jerusalem with the insistence of the Jordanian government to regain its lands in Baqoura and inundation and try to pressure the occupation on Jordan.

Obeidat also blamed the US administration for the settlement and Judaization in the occupied city of Jerusalem through its illegal positions and decisions. Unobstructed solution. "

The activist Ahmad Safadi condemned the decision of the Israeli occupation authorities to close the directorate of education and arrest the director of education, Mr. Samir Jibril. Since the occupation of the city in 1967.

Safadi said in a speech to the protesters: "The process of imposing the Israeli curriculum on Palestinian schools in Jerusalem is not the result of the hour and last year, but it is old and old feet of the occupation, which failed at the time when confronted by Jerusalem personalities, including Mr. Hosni al-Ashhab mercy of God, stressing that The perseverance and preservation of Jerusalemite teachers and officials in education since that time has preserved Jerusalem's identity and existence.

He added: "The situation is dangerous and the process of capturing education is a very serious issue that affects existence and identity. There must be a serious stand supported by all Palestinians, stressing that silence and condoning mean complicity." He pointed out that according to international law, citizens under occupation have the right to receive their own education without interference or pressure from the occupation authorities.

He pointed out that Jerusalemites have the right to preserve their identity and receive Palestinian education in a safe environment, including institutions and offices. Coming. "


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