Angry protesters burn trumpets of Trump, Netanyahu and Pompeo in the center of Nablus

Angry Palestinian demonstrators burned figures and photographs of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Trump and his Secretary of State Pompeo during a mass rally in the Martyrs Square in the center of Nablus. The latter is the legitimization of Israeli settlement in the Palestinian territories, which is in addition to a series of previous resolutions of the same administration that the Palestinians see as undermining their dream of establishing an independent state on their national soil.

Meanwhile, member of the PLO's executive committee, Abbas Zaki, called on the Palestinian leadership to suspend recognition of the state of Israel and cut all ties with it.

The National Action factions in Nablus called on the masses of the province to come out on Tuesday to express their anger over the recent US decision, and coincided with the announcement of the martyrdom of Sami Abu Diak behind the bars of the occupation, which exacerbated the anger in the Palestinian street.

Participants in the event held Palestinian flags and banners confirming that there is no legitimacy for the Israelites and that Israel is the only one for the Palestinian territories.

Zaki stressed in his speech that Israel, which has rejected all international interventions to release the martyr Sami Abu Dyak, is not a state but a gang of guerrillas.

Zaki urged the national unity and the arrangement of our internal house to face the challenges of the difficult period that our people are going through.

Governor Ibrahim Ramadan expressed his confidence in the victory of our people despite the pressure, adding that all options are open to our people in the face of the occupation.

He expressed our people 's total rejection of the US administration' s decisions, the latest of which was the decision to legitimize settlements.

For his part, a member of the factional coordination committee in the governorate Nasr Abu Jaish confirmed the continuation of the Palestinian struggle program and struggle in the face of settlements.

The masses of Nablus governorate, as well as the governorates of the homeland, expressed their anger and protest against the recent decision of the US administration to legitimize the settlements, and the martyrdom of the prisoner Sami Abu Diak behind the bars of the Israeli jails. Thousands of people gathered in response to a call from the national action factions.


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