Jerusalem.. The occupation destroys village "Red Valley "

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At dawn on Thursday, Israeli occupying forces demolished the village of "Red Valley" erected by Palestinian militants near the "Red Khan" compound east of occupied Jerusalem, which is under threat of demolition.

Palestinian militants had set up five makeshift houses in the vicinity of the "Red Khan" and called them the village of "Red Valley ", in a joint step with the Bedouin community, which was issued with an Israeli decision to demolish it and displace Palestinian families.

The Israeli occupation army said in a statement Thursday that its forces had demolished five mobile homes (made of tin) erected by popular resistance activists at dawn last Tuesday, near the "Red Khan".

Early in the morning, Israeli occupying forces, accompanied by crews from the Israel Civil Administration, stormed the village of the Red Valley and imposed a siege on it, declaring it a "closed military zone" to prevent it from approaching.

The "Civil administration " of the Israeli army said that the buildings had been erected by representatives of the Palestinian Authority as a protest against the decision of the Israeli High Court and against the imposition of Israeli law on the "C" areas in the West Bank.

The deadline set by the Israeli High Court for the evacuation of the Bedouin community, the "Red Khan" in the vicinity of Jerusalem, ended on Wednesday morning.

Last Wednesday, the court rejected a petition by residents of the "Red Khan" rally against the decision to evacuate them and demolish the buildings of the Bedouin community located on land outside the Green Line, which means that they belong to the West Bank.

Some 80 Palestinian families (190) live in the "Red Khan" and surrounding area, who are members of the Jahalin tribe.

The Israeli occupation government demanded that the residents of the rally evacuate their homes in the "Red Khan" voluntarily, in return for the provision of a "substitute" of a plot of land on an area of 255 dunums near the town of Jericho, east of the occupied West Bank, to live in.

It should be noted that the talk revolves around uninhabited land and lacks public services, as it is not connected to the road network or infrastructure, whether water, electricity or sewage treatment network.

The "Red Khan" is one of 46 Palestinian Bedouin communities in the West Bank facing the same threat.

The rally is situated within the territory targeted by the Israeli authorities, to carry out its "e1" settlement project, by seizing the Palestinian territory extending from East Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. The project aims to unload the area from any Palestinian presence, as part of a project to separate the south of the West Bank from its centre and isolate the occupied city of Jerusalem from the West Bank.


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