Erekat: Israel violates Oslo agreement by closing Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem

 Israel is violating the Oslo interim peace accord by closing Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem, the chief executive of the PLO's executive committee said on Thursday.

Erekat said in a press statement that the Israeli authorities' justification for closing the office of the Directorate of Education and the Arab Health Center and banning the activities of Palestine TV in East Jerusalem as a violation of the 1993 agreement is "baseless."

Erekat's statement included a letter from then-Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres to Norwegian Foreign Minister Johan Holst, dated October 11, 1993, on Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem, stating that "Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem are very important and will be preserved."

"All Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem - including economic, social, educational, cultural and Christian and Muslim holy sites - perform a vital task for the Palestinians, and we will not hinder their activities," Erekat said. Important task. "

The occupation authorities closed yesterday several Palestinian institutions active in the eastern part of the city of Jerusalem.


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