"Apple News Plus" fails to attract large numbers of readers

 Apple News Plus, launched by US electronics giant Apple in March with a monthly subscription of $ 9.99, has lost momentum, according to a media report. .

It was reported that the service "Apple News Plus" attracted more than 200 thousand subscribers during the early days of its launch, as part of several new services that Apple had announced earlier this year. Apple said the goal of these services is to expand its scope of work so that it is not limited to the sale of electronic devices such as iPhone smartphones, tablet iPad, Apple Watch and Air iPod.

According to CNNet.com, Apple currently offers access to TV shows, documentaries and big stars like Jennifer Aniston, Risey Wiserspoon and Oprah Winfrey through Apple TV Plus for $ 4.99 per month and can play 100 computer games through Apple Arcade for $ 4.99 Monthly, news readers and news stories can be read through "Apple News Plus".

According to the channel "CNBC" American television that Apple has not been able to attract enough readers to the service "Apple News Plus" after its launch, although it provides access to a number of major US newspapers and magazines such as the Wall Street Journal and Vogue Esquire, while Apple has not published the numbers of subscribers to the service so far.

Apple is promoting the new service through the Apple News application, which is available on all devices iPhone, iPad and Mac. Apple has also been using the App Store to promote Apple's Arcade gaming service since its launch in September. The Apple TV app has been promoting Apple TV Plus since its launch nearly two weeks ago.


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