Artificial intelligence system to determine when to talk to the driver while driving

 Researchers in South Korea have developed a new artificial intelligence system that can choose the right time to inform the driver of certain information while driving, in order not to distract his focus in front of the wheel.

The technique, developed by researcher Yoshin Lee of the Department of Industrial and Engineering Systems at the Higher Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea, aims to choose a safe timing to address the driver without risking a car accident.

For this purpose, the researchers developed a vehicle system that takes safe driving considerations while improving the performance of voice service to deliver information to the driver, so that the system can set priorities when choosing the appropriate times to address the driver, as well as the most appropriate types of voice services that suit each driver.

For example, informing the driver of weather information is always second only to safety considerations, but if information is delivered that requires the driver to answer “yes” or “no,” the system makes a rapid assessment of prioritizing the delivery of information, or waiting. In order to maintain the safety element.

In order to help the system set priorities properly, the team developed a prototype voice service connected to a navigation application that can actually be used.This model was connected to an in-car computer to collect data on driving conditions such as steering wheel tilt and brake pedal position, as well as on-road conditions. Such as speed and distance between surrounding cars and traffic density.

The system is expected to help reduce driver distractions and can be linked to existing voice services, and its functionality can be expanded to include different attention-grabbing threats to safe driving, such as mobile phone use. Leadership.

"In the near future, the cars will provide voice information interactively with the driver," said technology researcher VIS.Org. "This technology will help enhance safety while driving because it will accurately select the right time to provide information." To the driver depending on the sensor data inside the cars. "


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