Instagram hides the number of likes worldwide

After the announcement of the social networking site Instagram Hide Like Counter feature that shows the number of users who clicked the "Like" button on the posts of other users in the United States, the site decided to circulate the decision to users in Around the world.

Adam Museri, president of Instagram, said it was about changing the way users, especially young people, interact with the social media platform.

"A small percentage of people on Instagram around the world will not be able to see how many likes the photos of other users have received," Mosiri wrote on Twitter., a technology specialist, said users would still be able to see how many likes they got.

Earlier this year, Facebook's popular Facebook social network Instagram began testing the Hide Count feature earlier this year.

In August, Facebook reported that the Instagram experiment was aimed at "removing the pressures from the number of likes the participant would receive" on Instagram, adding that the network was "impressed by the initial results of the experiment."

On September 27, Facebook began testing the cloaking of likes, showing the number of reactions, views and likes of each post to its owner only. The site has started this experience in Australia.

Facebook said it would gather feedback on the experiment in order to determine whether the change would make the site better for users.


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