After being banned .. Johnson´s American friend is disappointed

 US businesswoman Jennifer Arcory said she was "disappointed" after her friendship with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ended when he took her out of his life as a ghost.

Johnson and Arcory have been "in a relationship for more than four years," ITVV said, adding that Arcory declined to confirm whether the description was accurate, but discussed the issue of lobbying friends to "recognize the relationship."

A spokesman for the Conservative Party said the allegations of the program were "incorrect and baseless."

Akure is being questioned by the London Council over whether Johnson had helped her inappropriately in her work as mayor of London.

"I don't understand why you banned me and ignored me as if I were someone I met for one night or a girl I picked up in a bar because I wasn't, and you know," Akure told Johnson.

The London City Council said in a September 23 speech to Johnson that he was concerned about allegations that Johnson "failed to declare a potential conflict of interest in granting public funds to Jennifer Acure."

The council asked a police watchdog to investigate whether there was a conflict of interest. The panel has suspended work on the case until the general election on December 12, The Guardian reported.


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