An auction of pieces dating back to the Nazi period has drawn criticism in Germany

An auction house in Munich has been criticized for its plans to sell 842 Nazi-era pieces, including some belonging to Adolf Hitler.

The debate over the auction, scheduled for Wednesday, escalated when Rabbi Menachem Margolin, president of the European Jewish Association, wrote a letter to the auction house Herman Historica asking for a review of the sale.

"I ask you once again to withdraw the Nazi pieces from the auction, again not because of any violation of the law, but to send a message that some things - especially when they are metaphorically stained with blood - should not and should not," Margolin wrote in the November 11 letter. Circulation. "

Among the items on the auction are a hat for Hitler, a dress worn by his wife, Eva Brown, and a luxury edition of Hitler's "My Struggle".

Bernard Bacher, managing director of Herman Historica, says he and his company have received numerous e-mails since the letter of the president of the European Jewish Association, some of them insulting.

But he says the sale will be handled very carefully.

He noted that his company had little control over what buyers would do with the items sold after the purchase, but said the auction house would spare no effort to control who would be allowed to bid.

This is not the first time that Herman Historica has come under fire for organizing an auction of Nazi-era pieces. In 2016, the house sold a jacket worn by Hitler for 275,000 euros (about $ 304,000).

"It is our job to prevent dishonest people from getting these things," said Basher. "Strict restrictions are in place to control access."

"But it is practically inevitable to ensure that one person or another with the wrong ideology does not do a bad job."

However, he pointed out that these persons were a minority. Furthermore, only those who register in advance will be allowed to enter the auction, although bids will also be accepted online or by telephone during the proceedings.

"So far, the vast majority of customers who shop with us are museum officials and those who are interested in collecting these things, whether individuals or government agencies, are all dealing with this issue carefully."

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