A rocket attack on the Green Zone in central Baghdad

 The Green Zone in central Baghdad was attacked Sunday night by two missiles without knowing the size of the casualties, an Interior Ministry source said.

The source told Xinhua news agency that "two unidentified rockets landed in the Green Zone without knowing the size of the losses."

The source added that "the first rocket landed on the bank of the Tigris River in the outskirts of the Green Zone, while the second missile fell inside the security fence of the region."

The Green Zone in Baghdad is one of the most fortified areas in the Iraqi capital, where it includes the headquarters of the government, parliament, security institutions and Western embassies there.

The rocket attack was the second of its kind to hit the Green Zone in November.

Since the beginning of October, Iraq has witnessed demonstrations demanding services and jobs, holding corrupt people accountable, reforming the political process and ending partisan and sectarian quotas.

Iraqi authorities closed the Green Zone last month to the movement of citizens after the spread of demonstrations.


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