At the instigation of Netanyahu, Odeh and Tibi receive threats and the Knesset refuses to provide them with protection

In recent days, Ayman Odeh and Ahmed Tibi have received a series of threats over the phone and social networks that threaten to kill them and their families.

According to Hebrew Channel 12, Odeh and Tibi asked the Knesset to provide security for them and received an answer.

Tibi pointed out that he had received a promise to provide protection, but it was not implemented. He pointed out that he requested it since inciting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against him and the members of the joint list in the plenary session of the Knesset last Wednesday.

Among the messages Tibi received was, "God willing, a rocket will land on your children." He was also photographed wearing an Islamic Jihad military uniform and a photo of Ahmed Yassin with a photograph of himself.

"The threats are the result of Netanyahu's unbridled incitement against Arab Knesset members," he said. He pointed out that these threats are serious and will not pass peacefully, and that his family is also threatened and can not remain silent alive.

The head of the Balad Atmans Shehadeh party asked the Attorney General to immediately cancel the Likud party's emergency conference scheduled for this evening, accusing Netanyahu of leading a severe racist campaign against Arab citizens and the joint list on the grounds that Benny Gantz plans to form a minority government with the support of the list.

Shehadeh accused Netanyahu of making statements of serious concern with a view to carrying out racist and violent acts against the Arabs.


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