Haaretz on the massacre of Swarka: Palestinian life is cheap for the army of Israel and its leaders!

The Haaretz newspaper published on Sunday several reports and articles highlighting the massacre in Deir al-Balah that killed eight members of the Abu Malous family (Swarka), at dawn last Thursday. According to a special investigation of the newspaper published on Friday, the bombing took place according to old intelligence did not occur a year ago and it was not verified that there were people in the house when the bombing took place.

Gideon Levy, an Israeli leftist writer, journalist and activist, wrote an article in the paper titled "Nobody Knows", attacking Israel's military and political system after the horrific crime against the family.

Levy said: "The pilot who bombed them did not know, and his commanders who ordered it did not know, and the army minister and chief of staff do not know, and the commander of the air force does not know, and intelligence officers who monitor the target did not know, even the army spokesman lied to his front and said he did not know. ..But they always know everything, and suddenly they don't know. "

"They killed the son of a wanted man in a Damascus suburb after they arrived, but they did not feel the miserable feeling of Deir al-Balah, the poor and miserable family who spent the last night of their life and would be the last victim."

Levy pointed to the martyrdom of eight members of one family as a result of the bombing and inaccurate information, wondering if these eight bodies of Israelis "Will the world shake the brutality of Palestinian terrorism ?!". "But Mohammed al-Sawarka is just a 7-year-old Palestinian child born and died without a present or a future. His life was as cheap and short as a butterfly, killed by a pilot glorified by Israel."

He continued, "It was a real massacre, no one will be punished by the pretext that the bank has not been updated, this bank, which did not disappear over time," saying it was a more severe massacre than that targeted Qassam leader Salah Shehadeh and his family and a large number of families that The targeted building then resided in 2002 with a large bomb, and the IDF claimed that it was not known that there were civilians in that building, in a repeated lie without taking any action that would change the Bank of Targets, which kills children and women.

For her part, Amira Haas said in an editorial in Haaretz, that there is in vain in the use of warplanes and smart bombs that damage the wretched buildings, even if empty of the Palestinians, pointing out that military intelligence, like the army, is designed to serve Israeli political goals above all, are targeted The Palestinian people are constantly within a policy that serves the interests of politicians.

She pointed out that thousands of Palestinians were killed, injured and arrested because of the "mistake" in the intelligence and the Bank of targets, pointing out that what happened with the family Samuni horrific crime in 2009 was the result of a misdiagnosis.

She pointed out that the intelligence failure was accompanied by the failure of the spokesperson of the occupation army in Arabic, who hastened to distribute pictures and news about the Israeli army's bombing of its target, and revealed himself as a cheap and ridiculous tool.

The newspaper also published a report talked about the family Swarka that she lives in extreme poverty, and that she relies on grazing sheep to earn a living, and that she lives in very simple houses next to each other, and there are no activists who are Islamic Jihad.


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