An online campaign to support journalist Moaz Amarna: "Eye Moaz". "Eye of Truth"

 Pictures of solidarity with journalist Mu'ath Amarneh from Deheisheh camp in Bethlehem, covering their left eyes, swept social networking sites in solidarity with Mu'ath, who was shot with a metal bullet Friday, while covering a peaceful anti-settlement activity in the town of Surif. West of Hebron, causing severe damage to his eye with the possibility of eradication.

As soon as Saturday evening, a group of journalists launched an electronic campaign to interact with the case of Moath and targeted him by the Israeli occupation forces, the images of solidarity with Moaz swept the social networking sites with the hashtags "# Ain Moaz", "# Eye of Truth" and "We are all Forbid "," the truth will not extinguish "," # eye of truth will not extinguish "," # coverage_ continuous ", and solidarity covered their eyes with pieces of gauze, and some covered his eye with his hand.

Solidarity Campaign Activists and relatives of prisoners, liberated prisoners, several categories of the Palestinian people, Arab journalists, and foreign activists arrived in response to the call of Palestinian journalists in three languages: Arabic, English and French.

According to the call, "Moaz Amarneh, a Palestinian journalist, documented his camera many events, but after Friday 15/11/2019, he is estimated to complete his journalistic work, because of a bullet fired by Israeli soldiers during coverage of the confrontations of the town of Surif in Hebron, which led to the loss of his eye Left. "

For its part, called on the Journalists Syndicate to organize four solidarity stands with colleague Moaz Amarneh, in: Jenin, Tulkarem, as well as in Bethlehem and Gaza.

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate condemned the attack on the photographer Maaz Amarneh.

Journalist Moaz Amarneh (35 years), working with Sanad Agency, was seriously wounded by a bullet in the eye on Friday afternoon after the Israeli occupation forces shot him while he was covering an anti-settlement activity in the town of Surif, northwest of Hebron. He was then transferred to Hadassah Hospital in occupied Jerusalem.


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