Occupation Army: The round of escalation may continue and we have reinforced the forces on the Gaza border

Hebrew sources said on Wednesday that the Israeli army reinforced commando units in the area of ​​the Gaza envelope , in anticipation of any infiltration from the Gaza Strip in light of the continued Israeli escalation on Gaza.

The spokesman for the occupation army that the determinants on the home front has been reduced level, so as not to make "Israel" live days of paralysis, according to Haaretz newspaper. He predicted the spokesman for the Israeli army Hedy Silberman to continue the current round of escalation with the Gaza Strip until the end of this week unless there are any new changes.
Regarding the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, a spokesman for the Israeli army said: "We are on a fine line, and we do not want to be exposed to people who have nothing to do with events so that Hamas will not enter the round of confrontation."
 The Israeli army spokesman continued his statements, it is expected that Islamic Jihad will continue to fire shells towards "Israel" in the coming days, and the threats to the center of the country today is no less than it was yesterday.
"The Islamic Jihad was confused after the strike and the current round of fighting that began yesterday morning with the assassination of Al- Quds Brigades commander Bahaa Abu Baha Abu al-Atta could continue until the end of the week," he told a news conference .
As for the army's preparations, Silberman explained, "a few reserves have been called up as needed."
"It is also expected today that the firing will continue. Defense forces from the towns near the border fence will be increased, for fear of infiltration. We have equipped the Iron Dome in the center area (Gush Dan)," an Israeli army spokesman said.
The army said in a statement that Hamas had not yet joined the battle: "Hamas is still out of the game. The army is concentrating its efforts during the attacks by keeping Hamas out of the battle. The attacks are focused solely on Islamic Jihad while trying to avoid killing innocent people."

 "Islamic Jihad intends to fire rockets as it did yesterday. It is deliberately firing rockets. It manages the stockpile of missiles for several days of combat. It is firing rockets but it is possible to reduce the fire in order to go towards calm with the pressure of mediators."

"Today, jihad will have a slight recovery on the command and control axis, and the rocket fire will be more regular today," an Israeli army spokesman said. "So far Hamas is not involved," he said, adding that he had killed 10 militants, most of them from the Islamic Jihad movement, to date.

The army spokesman said ground forces around the Gaza Strip had been doubled in a small number and the iron dome was also equipped. He added: "We continue to collect information to create targets by emphasizing Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip, also at the newly established headquarters."

The IDF spokesman told reporters that in the past there was a possibility of targeting Bahaa Abu al-Atta. "We have taken from them a central figure and we expect more gunfire today."

An army spokesman said the northern front was calm and focused on the challenges in Gaza. On the other hand, there are channels of mediation between the two parties, which are managed by the Egyptian side. He stressed that differently than in previous times: "We do not attack Hamas, when we attack targets of jihad, we do not target sites that can disturb the population and we do not want to kill people who are not involved, which leads to Hamas to enter the battle."

"He doesn't want to say that the threat to the status of the country is less," he said. "We don't want to paralyze the state. Firing rockets at the center of the country is there - that could happen. So far 250 shells have been fired into Israel."

According to IDF data, since yesterday, 220 shells were fired at Israel, 60% of which landed in open areas, and the success rate in cases where the iron dome was operated reached 90%.

In contrast, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation quoted in Hebrew “Can”: Despite the Israeli political and military level declaring that they were not interested in the escalation, the IDF reinforced artillery forces around the Gaza Strip.

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